Announcing our Little Princess Winner!!

We are excited to announce that Abby Ham has won our Little Princess contest!!    Thanks to her father, Chris, for posting this very amusing entry!  With over 60 “likes” and 55 “shares,” Abby had over 200 entries into the contest.  Please come meet Abby (aka Belle), Cinderella and Prince Charming at our Cinderella Dream Celebration on October 26th, from 3:30pm – 5pm.  Come for the magic…. Stay for the 70th annual Vienna Halloween Parade!


So I’m nominating my little girl for a chance to ride with Cinderella and Prince Charming in the Halloween Parade this year. She loves everything princess and I know this would make her year to have the chance to ride with them. It’s on a points system so each “like” is one point and each “share” is 3 points. Now I’ve never once asked any of you to plant a Facebook farm, crush any candy, or prove your love to me by posting one word on how we met…….so in my eyes, you really owe me one. Now I do realize that some of you may have your own little girls around this area that you think may be interested in this. Well, let me put your mind at ease. I can assure you that I’ve spoken with each of them and they have no interest in sitting behind a gassy horse next to Prince Charming and Cinderella actors who likely smell of Fireball Whiskey and Marlboro Cigarettes……their words, not mine. In fact, the likelyhood that the horse will be properly trained is slim to none so you can pretty much guarantee that it will attempt to buck your daughter off of the carriage before running for it’s freedom. Basically, you’d have to be a pretty bad parent to put your daughter in that situation. So, just let me bear that burden. So, give her a share or at least a like. And as a sign of good faith, I can’t possibly sum up how we met in just one word, it meant too much to me…………..unless you don’t vote for her. #Karins60th