Plants & Gardens

Whether you want a flowering potted garden, beautiful green garden, or an elegant potted plant. Karin’s Florist can arrange an assortment of living potted plants from rich green succulents to fresh flowering plants that can be enjoyed inside.

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  • Crazy Plant Lady Sansevieria Plant
  • Bromeliad Plant with Gnome
  • Classic Dish Garden
  • Classic Peace Lily
  • Eclipse Duo - Mini Phalaenopsis Plants
  • Enchanted Mickey's Nightfall Prayer Plant
  • Essential Plant Care Kit
  • Glass Plant Mister
  • Harmony Haven Dish Garden
  • Heavenly Oasis Garden
  • Marble Majesty Bromeliad
  • Modern Wave Sansevieria
  • Peace Lily in a Faux Marble Pot
  • Peace Lily with Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Pothos Plant