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Lexi LikesEven though Lexi has semi-retired, she still comes in to select a few of her favorite things she thought you might enjoy. Make a point to stop by our flower shop in Vienna, VA to see even more unique items!

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  • Two Hearts Bouquet
  • Romantic Whispers Bouquet
  • That's Amore Bouquet
  • Petals-in-Harmony-Bouquet
  • Whimsical Love Bouquet
  • Ruby Rhapsody Bouquet
  • Adoring Blossoms Bouquet
  • Designer's Choice
  • Floral Love Bouquet
  • Beautiful Dreamer Bouquet
  • Beach Escape Bouquet
  • Eternal Love Bouquet
  • Venetian Masquerade Bouquet
  • Bundle Of Sunshine