Decorative Vases

After you have enjoyed the flowers, it’s nice to have a decorative vase afterward to add style to your home and to remind you of someone special. Below is just a sample of the many decorative vases we carry. To see more, please come by the store.

12 results found in Vase

  • 14" Aluminum Hammered Gold Vase
  • Handmade Cobalt Blue Vase
  • 20 Ceramic Twist Vase
  • Barnacle Vase
  • Ceramic Oval Planter
  • Decorative Glass Vase in Iron Stand
  • Fairy Planter
  • Metallic Brown Nugget Bowl
  • Multicolored Bubble Bowl
  • Multicolored Glass Vase with Copper Accent
  • Hurricane On Stand
  • Three Attached Herb Pots