Prom Season is here!

While you spend the next few weeks ordering corsages and boutonnieres, trying on dresses and tuxedoes, do you ever wonder how it all started?

Prom comes from the word “promenade” and by definition means “a leisurely walk or stroll, usually in a public place, that is taken for pleasure.” The prom can be traced back to co-ed banquets held by universities during the 19th century to celebrate the year’s graduating class. By the 1940s proms were being held towards the end of the year for high schoolers in their school gyms. Did you know that President Kennedy once rescheduled a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton in order to accommodate a local school whose prom was booked for the same time? And what student wouldn’t have wanted to be apart of the 1975 prom that President Ford’s daughter held in the White House?

So whether you’re in your own school’s gym or in a lavish hotel ballroom, we hope you have a wonderful time!