Chocolate Day!

Is there really anything better than chocolate? Whether it is brewed hot in a cup or enclosed neatly in a wrapper, stirred into some milk or baked into a cookie, chocolate has been one of the most popular delicacies since it first appeared in the United States in 1775. With its rich history, delightful flavor and remarkable health benefits, chocolate is one treat that will never get old.

What better way to say thank you to that dedicated employee than with a beautiful gift basket full of chocolate? Looking to add a little something extra to your next business meeting? Replace that fruit and cheese tray with one of Karin’s premium fruit and gourmet baskets!

With Halloween just around the corner, take a look at our unique chocolate baskets as a gift to bring the host of your neighborhood Halloween party. And with the holiday season following closely behind, no need to worry about searching for the perfect present!  Complete with the finest chocolate around, anyone would be lucky to receive such a thoughtful and delicious gift.