Taking Stock

Pink & Purple ParadiseWhen you find a flower arrangement on the Karin’s Florist site, there is a description below the picture of the flowers used in the design. In some of the descriptions, you may see “Stock” listed as one of the flower types. A common misconception is that “Stock” refers to whatever flowers are available; however, it is in fact a specific type of flower.Patriotic Tribute Bouquet

The stock flower, botanically called Matthiola incana but commonly called Gillyflower or Virginia stock, is known for its beautiful colorful sprays of blossoms on long stems with a beautiful scent. Stock flowers are available in different colors, including peach, fuchsia, pink, lavender, purple, cream and white.

Native to Southwestern Greece and the Mediterranean, Stock is a symbol of happy life and contented existence and lasting beauty. So now you know that Karin’s Florist’s stock contains Stock!