Goodbye Summer….Hello Fall

Morning Glory September brings with it cooler weather as the autumn season begins. This is the time where certain flowers make their final appearance before the winter months set in. When you look at a Morning Glory carefully you will see a special kind of beauty that this special flower has. These tubular flowers open up into gorgeous, circular, blue flowers that seem to have been painted with a black star and a bright pink center. Some varieties have cream color centers while others do not have the black star effect but rather have petals that are edged with white. According to history those from the Victorian era believed that the Morning Glory signified love and affection, however the message was often times representative of unanswered love thanks to the short blooming period of the flower.

Our once a month floral design class continues this month, themed, Cornucopia of flowers. Welcome the fall season with a cornucopia of flowers. The class will teach you all about the element of texture as it is used in a floral design. You will also learn to use a variety of items in our design and how to determine the best materials for each design. Bring a friend, get creative, have fun, and learn something new! Registration for the class is $85.00 per person; the class begins at 1PM and goes till 3PM. Registration includes a class brochure, all floral materials and container needed for the class project, as well as, a certificate of completion of the class.

Wonder Woman Flower MugWith back to school right around the corner, does your child have a favorite teacher they are looking forward to seeing this fall? Here at Karin’s we have a wide variety of themed mug and floral arrangements sure to bring a smile to any teacher returning back to school. Ask about our Superman, Wonder Woman, or “Worlds Greatest” mugs that can be turned into beautiful floral arrangements!