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If you live in the Northern Virginia area, you’ve probably been to or at least heard of Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. In fact, Wolf Trap is the country’s first and only national park for the performing arts. Perhaps best described as an oasis where the arts and nature collide, nestled within the hustle and bustle of busy Rt 7 and Tysons Corner. More than 100 acres of serene national park land provide a majestic natural setting and beautiful backdrop to a performing arts stage. The architecturally stunning Filene Center boasts the second largest stage in the country (after Radio City Music Hall, hosting more than 70 performances across all genres every summer. Wolf Trap is a treasured part of the local community; a non-profit foundation dedicated to creating excellent performing art experiences for the enrichment, education and enjoyment of diverse audiences.

Here’s the exciting Summer 2016 Concert Schedule:


Wolf Trap also happens to be very special here at Karin’s Florist. Karin’s Florist is a proud sponsor of Wolf Trap and we love to spread the word about all the good they do. But there is also a whole other side of Wolf Trap that is equally important to us: the picturesque indoor and outdoor venue spaces, perfect for weddings, social gatherings or corporate events. Karin’s Florist is Wolf Trap’s preferred florist. We’ve designed hundreds of wedding and events at Wolf Trap over the years, including the annual Wolf Trap Ball. No other florist is more familiar with how to transform their spaces into a party your guests will never forget.

Indoor facilities:

The Barns at Wolf Trap

Wolf Trap’s premier indoor venue is known as The Barns. It’s actually made up of two adjacent 18th century barns – one German, one English style. They were relocated from upstate NY to Virginia in 1981 by Wolf Trap Founder Catherine Filene Shouse. The churches have a rich history while also boasting state-of-the-art facilities.

The Barns has abundant natural light and flexible floor plans. It’s 3,800 square feet of historic interior space, with a 914 square foot courtyard and around a 400 person capacity.

Outdoor facilities:

The Terrace, Associates Deck and Meadow Pavillion

Why not take advantage of those calming, natural views of the surrounding meadow and world-renown Filene Center? Hold your social gathering or corporate event before a performance at the Filene Center and really wow your guests with all Wolf Trap has to offer.

The Associates Deck and The Terrace are both wooden, tented deck spaces overlooking the lower meadow and Filene Center stage. The Associates Deck is slightly larger with 4,800 square feet and a 250 banquet capacity. The Terrace can hold around 100 people at 3,890 square feet. After dinner and drinks, treat your guests to the performance scheduled for that night.

Meanwhile, the Meadow Pavilion is the most intimate of venues at Wolf Trap. The charming wooden pavilion and cement patio measuring at 3,125 square feet will be a perfect space for a party of around 70 guests.

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Karin’s Florist is also very proud to have designed some amazing floral arrangements over the years for the annual Wolf Trap Ball. Every year, the Filene Center’s open-air stage is transformed into a grand ballroom and hosts famous people from around the world to fundraise and preserve Wolf Trap as a national treasure now and for future generations.

For more information on the Wolf Trap Ball:

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