Summer Fun…

Summer: a time for beach vacations, family barbeques, baseball games and… flowers.

While no one is denying the most popular time to give and receive a bouquet of flowers revolves around a holiday full of love, chocolate, and heart shaped cards, we tend to overlook one of the best times of the year for fresh, vibrant flowers.

Summer, with its long hot days and short nights, is the perfect time of year for bright cheerful blooms that are as easy to grow as they are to give.

A backyard barbeque, family picnic or pool party may be relaxed and simple but even the most casual event can become incredibly special with a few personal floral touches. Try filling a rustic mason jar with sunflowers or daisies. This easy arrangement adds the right touch to any summer festivity and will bring the summer sun to your table.

Don’t be so daunted by that patch of earth you have yet to cultivate and plant! Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your garden. Most summer flowers thrive in the high temperatures. Start with a flowering plant like a hydrangea. They are best planted at the beginning of the summer and are easily maintained with plenty of sunlight and water. Their lush blooms would be perfect placed in a glass vase for a simple yet elegant arrangement and what could be more special than giving someone a hydrangea blossom straight from your own garden?

No room for gardening? No problem. Gerbera daisies come in bright summer colors like a zesty orange or sunny yellow and are perfect potted plants. They would add the right amount of summer color to any patio or porch.

Make your next summer event extra special and bright with one of our summer arrangements that we have created especially for the months of catching fireflies and soaking up the sun. Check out our website or visit our Pinterest page to see more ideas for fresh summer floral ideas.