Karin’s Florist Memories Contest

As many of you know, Karin’s Florist celebrated its 55th anniversary on October 26, 2011.  We had many fun events to commemorate the event, but by far, our favorite was the “Flowers Worth Remembering” Contest we held. 

We challenged all customers to write their best memories about Karin’s Florist and what we have meant to them and the community.  We were overwhelmed by the response we got.  From Mothers-of-the-Bride to former Karin’s employees, we got a wide variety of stories that made us laugh and cry.  All of them moved us.

We decided some of the stories were just too good not to share, so we are excited to announce that we will be publishing our favorites right here on our blog in the upcoming weeks.  Our winner, Susan M., already knows she won.  Her prize?  A unique floral arrangement delivered every month for a year.  As it’s traditional in this type of contest to “save the best for last,” we are doing just that.  Wait until you read her entry and what she asked us to do with her winnings. 

Thank you to all who participated and shared your memories with us.  We are so proud to call you our family.  We hope these entries inspire you and you continue to share your stories with us!


From Ruth B.:

Many years ago—about ten, I think—I had two male friends who were dating the same woman.  One of them was just a friend of hers, but the other one was crazy about her.  The one who was crazy about her was lamenting to me how he was trying to get her interested, and asking what he could do.  Well, I knew she was getting ready to move into a new house, so I told him to show up on moving day with a well stocked picnic basket and flowers.  I told him to go to a good restaurant and pickup the food, and to order flowers from Karin’s.  I told him to get only the best—he could certainly afford it—and not to skimp on anything, especially the flowers.  I told him that it might be OK to bring grocery store flowers home on a Tuesday night after you have been married for a while, but not when you’re trying to impress—women can spot grocery store flowers in a second!  My friend did not listen to me and, picked up the food and the flowers at the grocery store.  This was the last time he saw her.  A year later I was a guest at the wedding—she is still happily  married to the other guy.