m&m Character Flowers & Gifts

What great gift ideas for the m&m lovers in your life! Which one is your favorite? If you let someone know, maybe they will be surprising you with Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green from Karin’s Florist.

14 results found in m&m

  • m&m Buttery Blue Bouquet
  • m&m Poppin with Green Bouquet
  • Rock Our Red m&m Flower Mug
  • Yellow 3D M&M Flower Mug
  • Blue m&m Flower Mug
  • Red m&m Character 3D Flower Mug
  • Green m&m flower mug
  • m&m Candy Dish Bouquet
  • Dark Chocolate Duo
  • 2 Piece Ethel M Milk Chocolate Duo
  • Classic Collection
  • Ethel M Classic Sampler Collection