General Information

Sending flowers is a wonderful way of expressing your feelings regarding your loved one’s passing. Although different flowers hold different meanings, selecting ones that bring back good memories or simply flowers you find beautiful is a lovely gesture.

Karin’s Florist will deliver your arrangement to the gravesite on the dates that you select.

You may select from any category on our website, but please keep in mind that most cemeteries do not allow glass or ceramic containers.

Some cemeteries have more stringent rules than others.  We will check on their floral guidelines, but please advise us if you know of any restrictions.

Some cemeteries require a placement fee.   If the cemetery you have selected charges that fee, we will be in contact with you prior to delivery.

In warmer weather, we recommend that you select hardier flowers, such as mums, carnations, sunflowers & tropical flowers, will last longer than more delicate flowers, such as hydrangea, tulips, etc.

In cold weather, arrangements or wreaths with mostly greenery will last the longest.

Ask our experts what is appropriate for each season – we will guide you towards the best selection.